Return to Racing

Click Here for the Temporary Sailing Instructions – July 2020

With the changes in government and RYA guidelines it is possible to return to some form of organised club racing. Sadly I cannot get the PoS that we use for club emails to attach a file so please download the SI’s from either the clubs Facebook page OR the club website. it may take a day or so to propagate onto the club website.

We have had to add several new hoops to jump through in order to start racing so it is a requirement that you comply with these revised SI’s. Failure to do so may lead to being scored as DNS or DSQ.

I’ll sort out a revised calendar for this informal COVID cup series. But in essence we plan on holding a CovidSeries race in place of the published calendar until further notice

It is our intention to return to the published calendar as soon as possible, however in the mean time we will run these less formal races for the rest of July and probably August.

So can we expect to see you out this Sunday, 14:40

LYC Racing Officer