Important Information
The guides below contain useful information about the Club’s recommendations and requirements in relation to lifejackets and personal buoyancy aids and also what to do should you have a casualty onboard.

Rock Channel

Some members of the club have put together an information booklet with advice regarding how to navigate the Rock Channel.
This information is for guidance only.  Liverpool yacht Club and it’s authors take no responsibility for your vessel if you should choose to use this to aid your passage.
Use of this information is at the skippers discretion.  Knowledge and use of other formal navigation aids alongside is essential.

New Brighton Moorings

The moorings an New Brighton were laid in March 2017. The Coordinates are:-

53º 26.076′ N.
03º 1.577′ W.

There are 2 moorings, yellow buoys with a steel “Top Ring” for attaching. They are about 100m South & inshore of TOWER Cardinal buoy, on the 3.5 metre contour.

Notes on using the buoys:

Tower Cardinal is an easterly cardinal.
There is a wreck just south of Tower Cardinal, so choose your approach to the buoys with care.
The weight limit on each of the mooring buoys is a 5 tonne.
Do not snag a rope around the base of the buoy, use the ring provided.
Do call channel 12 and inform Mersey VTS that you are there, and ask them to advise large vessels of your position, so that they keep their wake to a minimum.
We hope to put a rope strop onto the buoys in the near future, for easier pick up.
As a courtesy we would like you to tell us if you have used the buoys.

Queens Channel Tactics

These notes attached may be of interest to those who are not familiar with navigating the Queen’s Channel. They are not formal navigation information and cannot replace use of proper navigational aids.

Mersey to Fidlers Ferry Pilotage

These notes were prepared by Jeanette and Dave Hardy who have taken their yacht to Fidlers Ferry on several occasions. It is possible to navigate a yacht up as far as this on certain spring tides during the year.
Obviously, this trip takes a lot of care and preparation. The notes below are purely for club members to find helpful and they do not replace the skippers knowledge of his/her own boat and what they are capable of.
Liverpool Yacht Club do not take any responsibility for this information and the safety of any voyage is always the responsibility of the yachts skipper.

Safe Flare Disposal

Chris Smith of the Crosby Coastguard Station recently presented to Liverpool Yacht Club members about the safe disposal of unwanted or out of date maritime flares.