Southport 24 Hour Race

The Southport 24 hours race is an annual event that Liverpool Yacht Club enter.  The race involves the club racing one or two dinghies around the lake at Southport for 24 hours.  For each boat entered, we need a team of support staff as well as crew to sail the craft in shifts of one to two hours.
Historically, when LYC have entered two boats in this event, the purpose has been very different:
The A boat
This is the team with competitive spirit.  We would advise that you come visit us at Crosby Lakeside Centre throughout the season to improve your skills and so that we can put the best team possible forward for this craft.
The B boat
This craft is all about having fun and is ideal for children and more inexperienced crew who are paired with more experienced members.  The purpose of this boat is to have fun and simply go out and take part.