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LYC Jubilee Boat Meet-up on Friday 3 June

On Jubilee bank holiday Friday 3 June, we are planning to meet-up at either Glasson Dock or Whitehaven (location to be confirmed nearer the time).  The plan is to lock-in during the afternoon high water and later go for a Friday evening meal at a local pub/restaurant.  On the Saturday, boats will lock-out and either return to Liverpool or carry-on their individual cruises.

Skippers will have a choice when to leave Liverpool and which route to follow.  Please be aware that as highwater is early afternoon, boats will have to lock-out of Liverpool on the bank holiday Thursday afternoon at the latest; then probably have to stop at an intermediate location (perhaps Peel Island/Fleetwood) en route to our meet-up harbour.

If you are boat owner/skipper and interested in taking part, please contact Alistair Roaf at a Club Wednesday or  If you are crew, please encourage your boat’s owner/skipper.

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