Cruising Skills Training

Latitude and Longitude and basic chart plotting

Knowing how much you all enjoyed Neil’s Chartwork session last month, we have another skills session for you on Wednesday 24th March.

Starting at 7.30pm, Jeremy Kaye will explain Latitude and Longitude and basic chart plotting.
No equipment required but if you have a chart to refer to, it may be of benefit. Any chart will do.

All members are welcome and this session is perfect for novice sailors, or those with no or minimal chart experience or for a refresher, if like me you haven’t looked at a chart for sometime.

Also after the Latitude and Longitude session Jeremy, who is a Cruising Instructor, will highlight the benefits of a keel boat awareness / start yachting programme with Liverpool Yacht Club.

So, grab your pencil, chart and plotter. Bring a brew that is true and join in the fun.

Members should have received an email with the details

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