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Commodore’s Night Out – The Scouse Dick Whittington

The next Commodore night out is 2nd December at the Royal Court Theatre for The Scouse Dick Whittington.

Each year the fabulous cast at the Royal Court put together a really good panto. It is  world famous, record breaking, eye popping, lung busting, side splitting, knee trembling and generally a really good show. There’s a live band,  great gags and some pretty rude words thrown in for good measure. All in good taste of of course. Here’s the base of the story …

Dick was lying in his bed when a scary hairy fairy came to him in a dream. If he were to go to London then he would become Lord Mayor! How brill is that? But hang on… London’s 212 miles away and it’s full of divvies. Why not become Lord Mayor of Liverpool instead! It’s a lot nearer. 

As he gets closer to town he runs into a bunch of proper rats who want to stop him. Ably supported by his cat, Galore, he needs to overcome all odds and beat King Rat to get his hands on that big, gold chain. As long as he believes then nothing can stop him. Except possibly a bit of plague.

Sound good? It will be. 

I’ve not many tickets, so you’ll need to let me know asap if you’d like to come along. The show starts at 8pm. We can of course dine in the Courtyard next to the Royal Court if you fancy that too, before the show. 

Tickets are £27.00. if you want to come along. Please email and I’ll send you the payment details. 

Many thanks, 


Commodore, LYC. 

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