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Your club needs you

The sailing committee under the chair of Andy Napper want to assist the Chris Bailey, the Venture Captain, to relaunch the Venture fleet. We wish to try and enthuse people to go out on the water and enjoy the sport or pastime of sailing. To this extent Andy Napper would like to invite all members (or non member boat owners) to meet up at the marina on the 30th of September at 14:00.

Here is where existing members can help; can you ask any of your exisitng crew if they would be prepared to help other members get out on the water by:-

being on hand on the 30th to answer questions, provide some expertese

being prepared to go out on the water on the 7th with a Venture skipper, to provide assitance with whatever they wish, whether thats sail trim, how to put up (and recover) the spinaker, where the tides / currents are at whatever stage of tide.

This is intended as an opportunity for boat owners to meet up with like minded skippers. As a club we intend to bring along experienced racing crews and skippers to help boat onwers, if they so wish get out on the water.

The aim is to have a day's pleasure sailing on the 7th of October

Details can be found in the attached file.

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