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A brief history of the "Rebellion"

Hunter Formula 28 "Rebellion" was the last of her class built by Hunter boats in 1990 and was originally called "Cheers", then "Rattler 2". Stephen Kennedy and I bought her in Ireland in 2013 where she'd spent most of her life in Dublin bay as a successful racing boat. Our purchase became an urgent rescue mission as she'd recently been bought by a lovely couple who wanted a family day boat, but found her a lively handful and left her on the hard at Lough Neagh YC to turn green.

Knowing of her race history we quickly had her surveyed by a gentlemen and he told me if I didn't buy her he would; with that glowing indictment we bought her and shipped her over to Liverpool by ferry. Then skilled guys at Blue Point Marine set about returning her to her former glory and less than a month later "Rebellion" was born. Kitted out with smooth racing anti foul, a polished hull, new running rigging, new instruments and safety equipment she was ready to race once more.

My own sailing background was crewing on many of the successful Liverpool yachts over the last 20 years, Eazi-Tiger, Chia Chia and Flash 2; I’d never actually skippered a yacht regularly on the river before. Therefore it was a brave move for us as our previous yacht a Hunter Formula 1 called "Atomic" was based on Windermere. The art of ferry gliding and working with the strong tides is very different to the shifty winds and serenity of the Lake District.

Our next challenge was filling her with a regular crew; luckily for us Manchester University's sailing club were looking to place newly qualified competent crews with the LYC's yachts. So we found ourselves very quickly filled with eager young sailors, keen to learn the skills of sailing and yacht racing. The highlight of our first years racing was our entry into the Midnight race to the Isle of Man. One of our talented student crew made a short film of our trip

We have also recruited crew from our walking and climbing group gaining more sailors and experience from a previously untapped source. This has been instrumental to our success on the water enjoying close racing with our rival class 2 yachts. "Rebellion" has been the source of great enjoyment to Stephen and myself over the last 3 years as have the friendly crew that we've built up. Most of these sailors are now full yacht club members and this has greatly increased the clubs younger membership.

Yacht Racing on The Mersey is a steep learning curve to master and every race you learn something new. Stephen and I are hoping to build the team further over the coming years and in turn increase our win rate. This could see us heading over to Ireland, back to Rebellions home waters of Dublin bay, for the 2017 Volvo Dun Laoghaire week.

John Marsh
Skipper Rebellion

A brief history of the "Rebellion" Gallery

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Crew of the Rebellion
Rebellion on the Mersey
Racing the Rebellion

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