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Notice of Special General meeting

Note from the Commodore…

Dear fellow members,

Following several written requests to end the Alliance between LYC & TSC, plus considerable legal advice from the RYA, your Management Committee is recommending the that we consider this. That requires a Special General meeting which requires 21 days  notice.

The timing between Christmas & New Year is unusual, but we felt it was very important that this matter be dealt with before 2020. We had hoped, as per the previous open letter, to hold this vote as part of the AGM. However circumstances have changed.

A small committee of Trustees are to meet & ensure that any assets which belonged individually to a particular club prior to the Alliance will be returned to that original club.

The offshore racing program will continue largely unaffected. The only changes we perceive might be in the naming of the TSC offshore race and trophies awarded for the Isle of Man midnight race

Neil Thomas

Commodore LYC/TSC Alliance

December update

The Commdore has written a letter outlining the reasons behind why we need to hold a SGM and why it has to be today. Please read the attached PDF for the background and those reasons

This matters to you and your clubs. If you can attend we strongly urge you to attend the SGM which will be held at 11:00 at Liverpool Marina. on the 30th of December.

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