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Main Information

LBC/Long Series

The Long Series is also known as the Liverpool Bay Championship. Last year we experimented with the idea of a race on Saturday, but a reserve day on the following Sunday in case there was a better weather window. Aside from the the first race (LBC 1) this idea has been dropped. So the race is scheduled for the 16th March ONLY.
Entry fee is £10 (£15 non LYC members) a race, or a series fee of £30 (£45 excluding the Isle of Man Race. Amount in brackets are for non LYC entries. 

Results in the IoM race will count to the series

LBC 5: Piel Island

The last race in the 2019 long series / LBC is the traditional Tranmere SC PIel Island Race.
The SI's can be found by selecting the PDF icon

This year the club is planning on combining the race with the succefull family weekend from last year.
The intentionis that the race baots will join other members for a party overnight on the 27th of July. Non racign baots are welcoem to joint he race fleet at Piel Island. Details of the social will be published later.

Please note the time limit has been restated to be 21:00, not 9:00.

LBC 3: TSC offshore race

The SI's for the 3rd in the LBC series have been attached as a PDF
This race will be held on Saturday 1st June

Please note this version of the Si's supercedes the previously published version.

Please note the start time has been brought forward by an hour to allow all boats to make more use of the ebb tide.
The start is now 09:30 BST
After finishing, competitors have a choice of :-
'turning and burning' back to Liverpool and hope to make the late lock in on Saturday night
overnighting in Conwy Marina
overnighting on Beaumauris pier

LBC 2 LYC offshore race

The LYC offshore race shalll take place on Saturday the 4th of May.
Details cvan be found in the atached PDF
|IMPORTANT please note the very tight window to lock in in the evening.
Also please note the requirement to complete the race declaration and return it to the Race Captain

LBC 1: Bar Light race

The first race in the 2019 LBC series shall be round Liverpool Bar light

Please note competitors are required to complete a race declaration identifying when they finished, and forward that declaration to the Race Captain. Failure to send the signed declaration in a timely manner shall lead to a score of DNF.
Sending a photo of your completed declaration to the Race Caprtains mobile shall be deemed sufficient for this requirement.

Competitors attention is drawn to the Notices to Mariners published by Peel Ports for the port of Liverpool. For details see:- https://www.peelports.com/ports/liverpool for details.

2018/45 temporary rep[lacement of the Bar Light
2019/02 Dredging operations in the Crosby and Queens Channels

Competitors must keep a listernting wacth on VHF Channel 12

Long Series Marks

A schedule of marks used for the LBC series is identifed below

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