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Main Information

Isle of Man midnight race

This year marks the 100th running of the Isle of Man midnight race. the club is partway through organising what should be a memorable event.  Details of this event will be confirmed as time progresses.

Sailing Instructions

We have finally managed to sort out the remianingproblems with the organsiation of the race. We have published the SIs which can be found by selecting the PDF icon to the left. Our apolgoies for delaying the publishign of the these, it has taken a loit longer tahan we ever aniticpated.

Should you have any queries please contact the LYC Race Captain (AKA Sailing Secretary) on

If you are bringing you boat over to Liverpool before the race, with the assistance of the Canal and River Trust we can offer free berthing in the Royal Albert Dock. Entry is however very restircted please see:-

We look forward to meeting up on the run up to what we hope will be a memorable 100th running of the Isle of Man midnight race

Please note the SI's have been updated to correct an error regarding the class splits and class reprise
IRC 0  is 1.035 and higher, class flag code 0
IRC 1 is 1.000 to 1.034, class flag code 1
IRC 2 is 0.999 and below, class flag code  2
RYA NHC (AKA LYC Venture) class flag 3

RYA NHC / Venture entries

We have published an entry form for boats wanting to enter the race under non IRC, using the RYA's NHC rating system. To give you an idea of what NHC is about see below.

In  the mean time to enter the race you will need to fill out a manual entry form. See the PDF to the left. Payment of €100 or at the prevailing rate of today £90 to Liverpool yacht Club. contact for details of how to pay anmd where to send the cpmpleted form. Or if you have any queires about what NHC is.

What is the RYA NHC entry?
NHC stands for Natioanl Handicpaping for Cruisers.

In principal its similar to the ISF's Echo system. its intended for boats that don't have an IRC handicap, but still wnt to go racing. whether thats on a regular basis as an alterntaive to IRC or for an occasional race such as the Isle of Man midnight race. It hazs replaced various other schemes such as PY, LBSA amongst others.

When used in club racing its a true handicapping system, which rates how well the boat is sailed to its nominal initial value. its an adaptive handicapping which changes over time. LYC encourages boats without an IRC certificate to sail in NHC, which we call Ventrue class.

For an event such as this i we will use the base number. Based on the boas original design data the RYA generates a nominal time conversion factor. For want of a better phrase this magic number is applied to the time you took on the race course as a proportion. Liek all handicapping syhstems it is grotesquely unfair as it rates 'my' boat too highly, whjere as 'the' (the competition) are rated far too leniently.

for details of the NHC system see:-
for details ofd boats on the list see:-

Calendar of events for race week

We have published a calendar for the race week.
Starting with lock operation times and including details of social events in both Liverpool and Douglas.

Competitors are encouraged to take advantage of the free berthing in the Royal Albert Dock, a grade I listed complex almost in the heart of Liverpool.  There is plenty to do in Liverpool if competitors wish to remain on the boat for the run up to the race on Friday.

Please note the very tight lock window to enter Canning Dock.

Update, May 2019

We still have a great deal to finalise before the race which is just under two moths away
We have included an update which can be downloaded by clicking the PDF ICON to the left
Highlights of this update are details of moorings for comptitors in historic Albert Dock. This is provided by the Canal And River Trust and will be free of charge. There are restrictions on when you can enter the lock, so please take note when panning your arrival

The Albert Dock promises to be the central location for the evnt itself and a welcome party on the Thursday.  Boats and crews can stay in the Albert Dock in the run up to to the race, sample the many and varied attractions of central Liverpool, all from a free mooring.
The mooring offer is only open to competitors and those boats crusing in company with the race.  Stay tuned and we will release more information as we have it available.

Provisional Notice of Race


We have published the provisional notice of race for this event. Details can be found by selecting the PDF icon to the left

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