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Main Information

LYC Notice of Race and Sailing instructions 2017

Abbriviations Used:

RRS - Racing Rules of Sailing

RYA - Royal Yacht Association

LYC - Liverpool Yacht Club

SIs - Sailing Instructions

NOR - Notice of Race

DP - Discresionary Penalty

For more information:

Racing Rules(RRS) from the official website of world sailing

Location Of NOR ans SIs Documents

Discresionary Penalties Guidelines Pg 58

The RYA Charter



In this handy guide we highlight the main changes to the rules and provide links to documents and other resoures for further reading

The SIs will be in the new diary and both documents will be on the web site; the new NOR & SIs being applicable after the Brass Monkey series. (3rd April 2017)

The Sailing Instructions of 2016 were a work in progress; they were reviewed following “World Sailing”  deliberations after the Olympics.

The Sailing Committee asked the RYA Rules advisory service to help; the advisor, Mike Butterfield, has made corrections, & suggestions.

Although many clubs do not have an NOR for club events the RYA ask that RRS 89.2 is followed.

There is therefore an NOR on the web site; note that the NOR may be changed at any time, but not so as to affect a current event (series). The NOR may themselves refer to new SIs so keep an eye on them.

The next change you may see is that several SIs are annotated “DP” – this adopts the Notation supplied in the RRS introduction page:

"The notation ‘DP’ in a rule means that the penalty for a breach of a rule may, at the discretion of the protest committee. Guidelines for discretionary penalties are on the World sailing web site."

The DP notation does not alter RRS Part 2.

We discussed the perennial debate about the role of Pluckington Cardinal to learn that other clubs have adopted a different solution. The Start / Finish line is now a line drawn through Pluckington at right angles to the transit delineated by the orange markers on shore. This can only be policed by the Race Officer if there is gross error; we are self-policing so rely on best endeavours as we sail according to the RYA racing Charter, which is now formally adopted; we need to see how this solution works in practice.

The text of the Risk Statement is new and must be read.

The official notice board is now electronic and is to be found on the LYC website under “News”.

In exceptional circumstances changes, may be made by notifying each boat by VHF see RRS 90.2.

Look carefully at SI 14; our common course change is that is one or more of the marks of the course are omitted. See RRS 33.
However, when the committee boat is used the Race Officer may decide not to use a transit at, say G3 but to up anchor and move to one at say G7. Read RRS 32. This procedure is different to that we have used hitherto – hence a change to the wording of the SIs.

It is important to read both RRS 32 & 33, the SIs adopt them without change.

The Race Officer cannot penalise a boat except by protesting.

Three of the SIs can only be protested by the Race Committee:

SI 3 – Eligibility; the rule can be adhered to by competitors rectifying their errors. DP applies
SI 20.b – Life jackets, the RRS now says that if the Lifejacket flag is flown they will be worn when ‘on the water’. The flag is only visible when in the lock – read the new SI: lifejackets shall be worn in the lock and to seaward. A breach is poor safety but should not affect sailing ability.  DP applies
SI 20.c -  Boats have been given IRC certificates other than in accord with RRS 77; on asking why we were told the priority is to ‘get boats on the water’; - which is the reason we give for LYC adopting SIs 3.g & 3.h. Boats using an unusual sail number are advised to inform the Race Officer, however for club races we identify boats other than by sail number; especially as ratings may be affected. DP applies.

Do not fall foul of RRS 60.2.a:
A race committee may (a) protest a boat, but not as a result of information arising from a request for redress or an invalid protest, or from a report from a person with a conflict of interest other than the representative of the boat herself;

The new RRS uses the term conflict of interest in place of interested party. A ‘quiet word’ may be best.

Otherwise, mostly, the new document should be familiar but please read it - it’s a lengthy working document and improvements are always welcome. The ‘Round Anglesey’ SIs written by Mike Butterfield are not much more than one page!

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