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Ships on a Pontoon
Ships on a Pontoon

The clubs have a very active cruising section. Cruising is basically any sailing trips that do not involve racing. They also organise and take part in their own racing programme, forming the Venture Class and they also put on many evening events during the winter months.

Many of the LYC and TSC members go out cruising regularly. This may be a simple three hour “jolly” on the River Mersey, or a day out in Liverpool Bay, either on a weekday or the weekend.


During the summer we may take our boats further afield – to Holyhead, Ireland, The Isle of Man or Scotland, even as far as Norway. Members may organise groups for delivery trips, or to charter sailboats in the Mediterranean or elsewhere. There is usually someone looking for crew to help sail their boat.

In addition to all this “ad hoc” activity, the clubs organise a Summer Cruising Programme in which we sail to other venues and try to ensure we have social events with the yacht clubs we visit.

The Clubs cruising programmes are designed with the following aims:

  1. To provide members and guests with opportunities to go cruising in company and visit some interesting places, and extend the hand of friendship to other clubs.

  2. To extend the horizons of less experienced members.

  3. To help introduce potential crew to boats and boats to crew.

By cruising in company we offer  the camaraderie and reassurance of having other boats nearby, although this should not override the need for boats to be  self-sufficient. We may be able to offer support crew on those boats where cruising experience is limited.


The programme is designed to offer the less experienced  chances to go a little further each time, building up to a circuit of part of the Irish Sea.

For the more experienced, it  offers a series of “rally-type” events  with interesting sailing, possible challenges, and social activity.

The idea is that people can join in or opt out at any point, and we will have a communications network in place  to facilitate this.

In providing this programme, the Alliance is responsible only for the general conduct of the programme. In no way does this absolve, remove or interfere with the skipper’s absolute responsibility for the safety of his/her boat and crew.

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