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Commodores open letter

Following on from my earlier reports I'm sad to say that it looks like we cannot resolve the differences of opinion relating to the formation of the Alliance.

With a heavy heart I have committed my thoughts to paper (well electronic 'paper') and you can see those by seleting the PDF link to the left.

What does it mean for any of us as members of the Alliance clubs will become clear over time. But in the mean time we continure getting out on the water, doing what our clubs objectives call for.Theres still 3 more races in the Late Autumn series, the Tinsel Start 'race' and thats before before we start next years activities

Any way I look forward to seeing you on the 18th of December for the traditional Sherry and Mince Pies from 19:30 at Punch Tarmey tavern on Grafton Street (part of the old Cains brewery, now 'Baltic Market'. 


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