Sailing by Karen Hale
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Amendments to racing

The Sailing Committee has decided to postpone the race scheduled for the 20th of August as it conflicts with the recently scheduled satrt of the Clipper Round the World race. The committee felt that we should postpone due to various rerasons
we should compete with the Clipper evbent
We as a club have been askede to be invilved with helping the start of the Clipper event and we may be short on club resources that day.
The crusing captain is organising soemthing to co incide with the start and it coudl lead to increased pressure on the lock.

So the race has been postponed with the intention of rescheduliing for the following week and run as a double header, woth two races back to back, assuming the race officer of the day is ahppy to take on board that task.

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