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About the Clubs

Founded in 1988 LYC provides keelboat sailing on the Mersey straight from the city centre.

Tranmere Sailing Club is one of the oldest yacht racing clubs based on the river Mersey.

In 2008 the two clubs became affiliated and although maintaining their distinct identities are managed by one team of Flag Officers and other volunteers.


Racing is the backbone of the club's activity and continues throughout the twelve months of the year. Races take place every weekend, tides permitting, and during the summer there is an evening series. During the winter months racing is held on the Mersey, but during the rest of the year covers the Mersey Estuary, Liverpool Bay and further afield in the Irish Sea. Races are run under the IRC handicap system offering competitive sailing for all classes of boats. During the Autumn series the turnouts regularly are of the order of twenty five boats.

Dinghy Sailing

From April to late October we offer dinghy sailing in the Queens dock for LYC/TSC members. We can also offer temporary membership for a short period of time. We have a Wayfarer, 6 Toppers, Optimists and our new Laser Bahia. Our priority is to have fun and provide a welcoming dinghy sailing experience. We meet by the container opposite the Watersports Centre at 6pm on Wednesday evenings and 2pm on Saturday afternoons. Just come on down at one of these times and we can introduce you to Queens Dock sailing and our dinghies.


For those wanting a more relaxed sailing experience the clubs have an increasingly popular cruising section. Cruises are organised regularly for day-trips, weekends or longer periods when boats can sail in company in a friendly atmosphere. For those wanting to 'do their own thing' advice and information can be provided on all local destinations.


The club has an active and enthusiastic social life in fact some people join the club simply for the social side. Many members meet up at the club on a Wednesday evening for a quiet drink together but the social committee organises club 'events' at regular intervals. These can range from quiz evenings, talks or demonstations on a variety of topics, nights out in restaurants, parties, bowling, go-karting as well as our annual dinner-dance.

New Members

The club prides itself on being open and welcoming to new members both with and without sailing experience. For those wanting to learn, informal training days are held regulary to enable new or inexperienced members to 'learn the ropes' or simply improve their skills. More information on the club, its members and its activities can be obtained from the Honorary Secretary. Alternatvely come down to the club around 9 o'clock on a Wednesday evening and have a chat in the bar, or contact Paul Hampson.


Grapevine is the club's quarterly newsletter written for and by the members.
To view past editions of Grapevine, please click here.
You can now send in your contributions to be included in "Grapevine" by email to Stephen Williams.

History of Liverpool Yacht Club

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Tranmere Sailing Club

  At Tranmere, the club has moorings, a clubhouse with bar, showers, piano and meeting rooms. There is also a slipway, boat storage in two yards and a workshop that is available for members (More info)


Club Officers For further information please contact any of the following Commodore:Jeff Nelson Click to email me Vice Commodore Sailing:Paul Pratt Vice CommodoreTranmere: Vinny (More info)


Liverpool Yacht Club and Tranmere Sailing Club are proud to own our flagship, Gullmaren. She is present as mobile club house and race control vessel for most of our racing events, including (More info)


Any LYC member who needs a cheque for legitimate LYC expenditure should download the Request for a Cheque form and send it to The Treasurer. Upd 21/11/2010 DOWNLOAD Similarly anyone who has (More info)


Follow the link below to download a copy of the Liverpool Yacht Club Constitution. Upd 10/09/2008 Constitution (More info)


Club Clothing Club Clothing is available from Wave Clothing. Items can be ordered from them directly with our club logos on. These include a full range of poloshirts, fleeces, rugby shirts etc They (More info)
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