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2017 Holyhead Regatta Results

The Holyhead Regatta, a joint venture between Holyhead Sailing Club and Liverpool Yacht Club was held over Spring Bank Holiday 2017 (27th, 28th & 29th May). Despite a low turn out, 6 yachts 3 from HSC & LYC enjoyed a great weekend of racing and party was enjoyed by those who did attending afterwards.

As to the racing:-

Saturday was dominated by heavier than forecast winds, rising to 30+Kts. Darling had to retire from the first race due to a head injury to one of their crew. the amount of blood splattered across the coach roof was totally out of proportion to the actual size of cut. Three windward and leeward races were completed, before race control (Bob Nightingale and Jim Conolly in Mersey Pride) decided that they, the mark layers and the race crews had done enough.

Sunday started with very light winds (variable to negligible) building to 10Kts for race 2 & 3. the HSC Squibs shared the same race course, getting some practice in before the Squib Nationals in 2..3 weeks time in Holyhead.

Monday was a "round the cans" race which due to the wind not quite matching the forecast became a spinnaker drag race.


When you see a boat who is discarding a 4th & 2nd you know they are worthy consistent winners, the winner being Nigel Ingram in Just Jay, a J109 with 5pts, Just Enough, a J92 second on 10 pts and Darling XX 3rd on 14 pts

Many thanks to Holyhead Sailing Club for making us feel very welcome, making a huge effort to help organsie ther race, put on entertainment on the Saturday night. Its unfortunate that so few of us from Liverpool were able to support this event

Pictures © Mark Rosenthal of Holyhead Sailing club.

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8 pictures in gallery

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